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Washington, DC, in May 2003

ADAPT - Stolen Lives

These photos are from the ADAPT ACTION in Washington, DC, in May 2003.
ADAPT activists marching down a Washington, DC, street carrying our banner that says "Stolen Lives: Real People, Real Voices, Real Choices"

ADAPT's 150 foot cloth mural of Faces and Stories of the Real People Nationwide whose lives were Stolen by Institutions.

Justin Dart was always with ADAPT when we were in Washington. We know he is with us again today.

Anita Cameron, Denver ADAPT, reminds us of why we are here today.

Barb marches with ADAPT's flag. The stars of this flag are in the design of the Universal Access Symbol.

Rick was one of the ones memorialized on the Mural. Years were stolen from his life by institutions.

Shiela marches with ADAPT

Billy the Kid from Texas is confronted by a policeman at the White House Gate. We are demanding an Apology for wasted years.

More ADAPT warriors gather at the White House Gate to Demand an Apology from the President of the United States. Our lives were stolen from us for many years!

Dawn handcuffs herself (with assistance) to the White House Gate. She is determined to stay.

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