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Rally Organizers at the State Level

Here is a list of folks oragnizing at the state level.

Judy Roy, Independent Living Resources of Greater Birmingham, 205-251-2223

Jessica Lehman

Mark Romoser, Silicon Valley Independent Living Center, 408-894-9041

District of Columbia
Iden Campbell McCollum, Ida Mae Campbell Foundation, 202-684-7015

Margo Waters, disABILITY LINK, 404-687-8890 x110

Ralph Woestemeyer, National Association of At Risk Individuals & Providers, 404-810-1140

Rahnee Patrick, ADAPT, 312-320-5111

Amber Smock, ADAPT

Cheryl Gottlieb, Maryland ADAPT

Gayle Hafener, Maryland ADAPT, 410-727-6352 ext 2491

Lauren Spiro, National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery, 703-862-6512

Bill Henning, Boston Center for Independent Living/ADAPT, 617-338-6665, ext 213

Bob Liston, ADAPT Montana, 406-829-9495

Marsha Katz, ADAPT Montana, 406-829-9495

New York
David Atias, Center for Disabiity Rights/Rochester ADAPT, 585-546-7510

Daniel Hazen, Voices of the Heart,, 518-932-3137

Lindsay Miller, New York Association on Independent Living, 518-465-4650

Susan Ruff, Southern Tier Independence Center/Southern Tier ADAPT, 607-724-2111

Lorraine Greenwell, Rockland Independent Living Center, 845-624-1366 ext. 112

North Carolina
Teri Saltzman, Disability Rights & Resources, 704-537-0550 x23

Nancy Salandra, Philly ADAPT/Liberty Resources, 215-779-1014

Bob Stoner, DON Services, 724-652-5144

Bob Kafka/Stephanie Thomas, ADAPT, 512-431-4085

Jennifer McPhail, ADAPT of Texas, 512-627-5869

Lisa Goodwin

Maureen Hollowell, Endependence Center, 757-351-1584

Roxan Perez, Wisconsin ADAPT, 414-617-3435

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