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U.S. Capitol Washington, DC

September 21st at Noon
Capitol Hill

Medicaid is on the table for arbitrary and draconian cuts. The disability and aging communities must show Congress that "My Medicaid Matters" by having thousands show up on Capitol Hill on September 21st for a "Rally for Real Medicaid Reform".

So far, EVERY plan to address entitlements has included cuts to Medicaid. NONE has included reform measures proposed by the disability rights community. Make YOUR voice heard in Washington! Join disability, aging and civil rights groups in Washington DC on Capitol Hill, Wednesday September 21st starting at Noon. Rain or shine!

Thanks to the national organizations sponsoring this Rally.
And, thank you to our financial sponsors!
And check out videos of real people speaking on why My Medicaid Matters.

Location of the DC Rally

The rally is being held on the west side of Capitol Hill. Here is a link to an interactive map for the Rally and DC area. For those travelling into the rally, people can be dropped off:

For those that require a street address with a number, the US Botanic Gardens are nearby at 100 Maryland Ave SW. It's only a block from the rally site.

Support the Effort

Turnout for the rally is critically important so if you are on the east coast and can get to the rally, please get there.

For those coming to the rally, the rally organizers are asking that you take our message from the rally to the Congressional offices on the Hill. Please schedule hill visits starting at 3:30 PM. That will give you time to get up the hill and through security. When you call to schedule the visit, tell the scheduler that you are coming to DC for the My Medicaid Matters Rally and ask if the Senator or Representative will be speaking at it. Even if you can't get an appointment scheduled, please take our legislative materials and drop in for a short visit. Make sure the people who represent you know that Medicaid Matters to you!

Interested in attending, but not sure how to get to DC?

Can't Get to DC?
You can still support the My Medicaid Matters Rally even if you aren't in DC.

State Organizing

If we are going to be able to get strong numbers of our folks out to the Rally, we need strong organizing at the state level. We are looking for people to be local/state coordinators. Volunteering to be a local/state coordinator means you commit to the following:

If you are interested contact:
Bob Kafka,, 512/431-4085
Stephanie Thomas 512/442-0252.

Check out our list of state organizers who are working on grassroots turn-out efforts.

Resources for Organizers

Media Materials
It's important that people all over the country know about the rally. Here are media materials that you can use to promote the rally. We are also providing the My Medicaid Matters rally logo in a number of different sizes for your use. Consider posting the logo on your group's website to show your support for Medicaid and the rally!

Promotional and Educational Materials
We have prepared flyers that organizers can use to promote the rally and educate folks on the issues. Feel free to print them to distribute them locally. Both English and Spanish versions of the flyer are provided. We also have an educational flyer that you can use in preparing folks for the rally or your local events!

You can start your state organizing with an introductory email. Here's a sample email prepared for New York State.

Travel to Washington DC
ADAPT has compiled information on travel options to Washington DC to get you started.

ADAPT has compiled a list of hotels near the Rally site. They are organized by published rate (with the least expensive first) to make the process easier for folks to find hotel rooms.

Fund Raising
Clearly, groups need funds in order to participate in the Rally. ADAPT of Texas has prepared a sample fund raising letter that you can modify for your own use.   Some groups use a simple flyer that folks can use to get funds. The look of the document is not as important as providing an opportunity for people to ASK.

Bus and Motorcoach Information for Groups
Here is some information on bus and motorcoach drop off locations and parking for the Rally.

Financial Sponsorship Opportunities

Rally organizers are looking for organizations that can help by providing
financial sponsorship of the rally. If you are interested in supporting the My Medicaid Matters Rally for Real Medicaid Reform, you can send donations to:

Disabled in Action
714 Market Street, Suite 310
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Resources for Advocates

ADAPT has identified ways we can contain Medicaid spending while providing freedom and greater independence to people with disabilities. Check out ADAPT's Medicaid Savings Ideas.

Additional Information

For more information, call us toll free at 877-237-2228 or email us at You can also check out our event listing on Facebook.

Check back here for updates!

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