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National Medicaid Showdown in Harrisburg, PA

Starting on Sunday, October 14 and continuing through Wednesday, October 17, hundreds of disability activists with the national disability rights group ADAPT fought for REAL MEDICAID REFORM through a series of non-violent direct actions in Harrisburg, the state capital of Pennsylvania. The lives and health of millions are at stake.

Over 50 million people depend on Medicaid services as their health care of last resort, when there is no other choice. This includes children, seniors and particularly people with disabilities who rely on Medicaid funded services that keep us living independently in our communities. Today, in every state, Medicaid funding is under attack, and it is a bitterly contested election issue. ADAPT chose to take action in Harrisburg to symbolize the battle that people with disabilities are waging in every state.

Read our demands and talking points.

Track ADAPT's actions to witness real people with disabilities, who really use Medicaid services, speaking truth to power and holding the state of Pennsylvania accountable for our lives! We provided real time updates at National ADAPT's Twitter page and at the National ADAPT Facebook page.

Our awesome ADAPT Action Report was updated daily here.

If you are a member of the press:

The following ADAPT leaders are available for press inquiries: Cassie James Holdsworth at (215) 219-0694, Pam Auer at (717) 798-2807, Kathleen Kleinmann at (412) 916-3135, or Bruce Darling at (585) 370-6690. E-mail inquiries can be sent to Amber Smock at

If you are interested in acquiring publication-ready action photos with captions directly from the front lines, please contact Janine Bertram at who is on call and can facilitate those for you.

The following press releases are now available:

October 10 Pre-Action Press Release and Background Info
October 14 March to Governor Corbett's Mansion
October 15 ADAPT Takes Over State Capitol
October 16 ADAPT Direct Action: DPW Secretary Gary Alexander
October 17 My Medicaid Matters National Rally
October 17 Romney/Ryan Plan Action

To be added to the press release email list, please contact Amber Smock at


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