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Noah Wyle to be ADAPT Celebrity Fun Runner

ADAPT is honored to announce that Noah Wyle, currently starring in "Falling Skies," will join us at the ADAPT 7th Annual FUN RUN for Disability Rights as our 2012 "Celebrity Fun Runner" on Sunday April 22, 2012 in Washington, DC.

The FUN RUN is an event to raise funds so ADAPT can continue its national and state advocacy to end the Medicaid institutional bias. All funds raised will be used to change our long term care policy so people with disabilities and older Americans are not forced into nursing homes and other institutions.

The theme of the FUN RUN is “My Medicaid Matters” to convey the message that “Real People” want Medicaid funding to be used for in-home community services.

Mr. Wyle will be working with ADAPT activists to promote the message of the My Medicaid Matters Campaign to End the Institutional Bias in our country’s long term care policy.

For more information on the FUN RUN for Disability Rights go to:

If your organization is interested in raising funds as part of the ADAPT Fun Run, contact Bob Kafka.

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