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ADAPT of Erie, PA

Contact: Shona & Mike Eakin
Phone: 814/835-8418
Email: Shona in PA
Email: Mike in PA

Central PA ADAPT

Contact: Linda Anthony
Email: Linda in PA

Contact: Pam Auer
Email: Pam in PA
Phone: 717/798-1900 ext 226

Philadelphia ADAPT

Contact: Nancy Salandra
Voice/TTY: 215/627-7255
Email: Nancy in PA

Contact: Germán Parodi
Phone: 215-971-0660
Email: Germán in PA

Contact: Zach Lewis
Phone: 267-971-1214
Alternative Phone: 215-883-0715
Email: Zach in PA

Southwestern PA ADAPT

Contact: Kyle and Nigel Glozier
Area: Washington PA
Email: Kyle in PA
Email: Nigel in PA

Contact: Kathleen Kleinmann
Area: Washington PA
Days: 724/223-5115
Email: Kathleen in PA

Western PA ADAPT

Contact: Bob Stoner
Area: New Castle PA
Phone: 724/652-5144
Email: Bob in PA

Contact: Chris Lloyd
Area: New Castle PA
Phone: 724/652-5144
Email: Chris in PA

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