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ADAPT activist in front of the Supreme Court with the words: ADAPT Action Report.

Fall ADAPT Action:
Washington DC September 17 - 22

Text graphic R P T ADAPT Accentuates the Weeks Message, Makes Demands on the NGA.
Nadina LaSpina - Wednesday, Sep. 21.
Text graphic R P T People with Disabilities will not be overlooked or left behind.
news ADAPT Gets Commitment From HUD Secretary Jackson on Voucher Implementation.
Ericka Reil - Vermont, first ADAPT Action.
news Katrina's Impact on the Disability Community: Immediate Needs and Long Term Consequences Resulting from Inadequate Government Policy.
Text graphic R P T Angry Activists Arrested on Capitol Hill - 104 busted demanding Congress stop targeting people with disabilities.
Linda Anthony, Monday, September 19, 2005.
news 104 Arrested as ADAPT Occupies House and Senate Leadership Offices.
Text graphic R P T ADAPT Visits Majority Leader To Deliver the Message: Don't Target People with Disabilities.
Anita Cameron, Sunday.
news ADAPT to Congress: Fix the Problem!
news ADAPT to President, Congress: Donít Target Poor People with Disabilities with Cuts, Caps.
The US Capitol dome and a full moon.



TEXT GRAPHIC: Bobby Approved Section 508

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