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Action Report

Photos, eyewitness reports, and commentary daily from the ADAPTAction in Washington DC
PHOTO: Bob Kafka and Mike Auberger

PHOTO: Advocates learn about Olmstead

PHOTO: Justin Dart addresses ADAPT

PHOTO: ADAPT packed into the hotel meeting room

PHOTO: ADAPT membership at the big meeting

PHOTO: Julie and Lyle from Bolder address the big meeting


ADAPT logo: universal access symbol breaking a chair overhead; text: FREE OUR PEOPLE!ADAPT prepares to change the nations long-term care system

ADAPT members used Sunday to get together and pass along working strategies from around the nation and to educate and inform each other.

The main sessions were on Olmstead, MiCASSA, Getting people out of nursing homes, Fair Housing, the history and pride of ADAPT and a procedural meeting for newcomers.

What works and what does not work are discussed by the people on the front lines. Bob Kafka and Mike Oxford directed the Olmstead discussion, Bobby Coward and Barbara Toomer headed-up the MiCASSA session and Gayle Hafner, Marva Ways, Jennifer McPhail and Zan Thorton passed on ADAPT traditions in the newcomers meeting.

ADAPT had the "big meeting" in the evening where the tenor of the action was spelled out to everyone.  Packed into the large meeting room of the hotel, the entire membership felt the power of ADAPTand the importance of this weeks action.

Justin Dart reminded ADAPT that we continue the work of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King. 

"Eight years ago Clinton didn't want to hear the message of ADAPT," said Stephanie Thomas. "We made them listen and we will do it again."

-Tim Wheat

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