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You Tube video "Why Donate to ADAPT?"

Other ways you can support ADAPT

ADAPTer Carol Jones donates 25% of her earnings from selling Avon products to National ADAPT.

Go GREEN and help ADAPT raise much needed funds! ADAPT is collecting and recycling old cell and smart phones. By preventing these unused phones and their batteries from going into landfills we can will avoid damaging our environment and raises money for our activism. Please don’t send your old cell and smart phones to the landfill, recycle them and help ADAPT! For questions about the Recycling fundraiser, you can email Dave Sutliff-Atias. Send your old cell and smart phones to:

ADAPT Phone Recycling Fundraiser
c/o Dave Sutliff-Atias
497 State St
Rochester NY, 14608

Donations go towards...

ADAPT - Free Our People

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