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Washington, D. C. -- June 2000


Here are the action shots from the ADAPT Action in Washington DC

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ADAPT Joins Other Disability Rights Groups in a Rally to Demand

Choice of Community Services in Long Term Care

June 18, 2000

Banner says Real Choice MiCASSA, ADAPT

ADAPT goes to the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Health Care Finance Agency (HCFA)

Each must do more to give us Real Choice in Long Term Care Services.

June 19, 2000

Implement Olmstead NOW Button

ADAPT demonstrates at the White House

Vice President Gore: "Talk to ADAPT and Work for Our Freedom!"

June 20, 2000

ADAPT on White House Doorstep

ADAPT demands a meeting with the Mayor of the District of Columbia

We want SAFE community living with FREEDOM.

June 21, 2000

Mike Auberger of ADAPT talks to Police

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